About Us

about us

We know from personal experience that finding an honest and reliable company to handle your offshore needs can be challenging.  This is why we decided to form a new company that would deliver what we promise. Our executives come with years of expertise in a number of different industries including accounting, medical, allied health services, customer care and Information Technology. Our executives are familiar with the everyday issues that most companies experience during a business life cycle. Our goal as a company is to ensure that the solutions we offer will provide businesses with the tools they need to reduce the administration burden allowing for more focus on the core competencies of the staff and the organization and, in turn, allowing for growth.

Our strength lies in our knowledge and expertise in identifying with you, the exact needs of your business and to plan for a successful implementation of an offshoring service. In today’s challenging business environment, it is important for any business to stay ‘ahead of the game’ to achieve their goals. Smart Offshore Solutions will assist you in achieving your desired results and is committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience throughout your journey with us.

Smart Offshore Solutions can guarantee that what we promise is what we can deliver. Don’t risk your business to just anyone; you can trust us to deliver what we promise. You can read more about Smart Offshore Solutions below or contact us for an obligation free discussion.

Who is Smart Offshore Solutions?

Smart Offshore Solutions was founded in 2013. It was established in response to a growing need by Australian companies for a more cost effective staffing solution due to a changing economic and industrial relations climate. Smart Offshore Solutions now provides offshore staffing services to small, medium and large size businesses and we aim to provide your business what it needs to get the best out of offshore outsourcing.

Smart Offshore Solutions is a company dedicated to engaging skilled people that are committed to the vision of our customers. We relentlessly promote excellence in everything we do in order to achieve outstanding service using offshore talent. This is not only cost effective to your business but also provides your business with the necessary expertise to achieve quality outcomes. We provide skilled staff of your choosing who are supervised by Australian expats working alongside them in our Philippine offices.

The experience and expertise of our account managers in Australia ensure our customers receive the maximum benefit from outsourcing that will allow you to focus on your core business and open a new world of opportunities for your organisation. We currently provide outsourcing services for a number of different positions and industries and can assist you with strategic planning and implementing an outsourcing campaign whilst upholding your company reputation.

Our Vision, Mission, Values

Our Values


We believe in treating all people with courtesy, dignity and respect at all times


We value professional conduct at all times regardless of cultural or political borders


We motivate and inspire our employees to make changes and a positive impact to their lives and the lives of others


To ensure transparency and build trust with the companies we represent so as to provide quality services with utmost honesty


We are committed to setting goals with our customers and delivering great outcomes that will drive the future success of your business

Equal Opportunities

We embrace diversity and respect people's beliefs and opinions and provide ongoing personal and professional development to all our staff


We believe all businesses, companies and organisations should have access to qualified talent from anywhere in the world and we ensure we go the extra mile to deliver

Multicultural Awareness

We believe in providing employment opportunities to people regardless of their cultural background thus enabling them to build a better life for them & their families

Our Promise

Since our inception, we have set out to recruit the right people for our customer's needs. We are driven by the competitive and challenging spirit of the marketplace. We will always evaluate the benefits and risks that relate to each customer and have an honest discussion with you, our customer, to find the most appropriate approach for your needs.

Smart Offshore Solutions provides employees with access to the resources they'll need to work for you in a professional working environment, while you will have the complete freedom of providing them with your personal instructions – just as you would with any other employee.

We pride ourselves for going the 'extra mile' to earn your confidence and ensure we have a thorough understanding of your business needs and we will hold ourselves accountable for everything we do during this process and relentlessly promote excellence in every step.


A simple and straightforward contract, clearly defined and relevant to your needs


Smart Offshore Solutions does not require access or visibility into any of your business processes or data


  • Do you want to join our team in Australia or the Philippines?
  • Are you a positive, forward thinking individual always seeking new challenges?
  • Do you want to work for small and large scale organizations in varied industries?
  • Does providing outstanding customer service and making a positive impact sound like you?

What will we offer?

Smart Offshore Solutions is an equal opportunity employer that will offer support and guidance to make your experience with us a memorable one! You will work in a technologically advanced environment with 'cutting edge' equipment and you will be provided with the training required to master the tasks allocated to you.

We value each employee for their individual skills and character and work with everyone to offer career progression opportunities. We always aim to promote staff internally and provide the tools to succeed.

We believe in our staff and invest time and money to assist with your professional development. We know that without our staff we wouldn't be where we are today and we cannot grow either. Our motto is Happy Employee – Happy Customer.

Apply today to join our team of amazing people and benefit from the opportunities we offer!

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