What about the time differences?+
How does the recruitment process work?+
Can I meet my offshore agents in person?+
Will the cultural barrier become a problem?+
How can I efficiently manage an offshore team?+
Will I receive any reports on my offshore agent?+
How do I communicate with my offshore agent?+
How are payments to smart offshore solutions made?+
Is my offshore agent given their own work environment?+
How can my offshore agent securely deliver finished work?+
How can I be assured of the integrity of my offshore agents?+
Can I live-monitor my offshore agent whilst they are working?+
What will smart offshore solutions provide my offshore agent?+
How does smart offshore solutions protect intellectual property?+
What are the costs and savings offered by smart offshore solutions?+
Is smart offshore solutions only hiring offshore agents based in the Philippines?+
What does smart offshore solutions do in relation to training your offshore agents?+
Will my customers know that the calls are redirected or coming from the Philippines?+
Can I contract an offshore agent for less than a year? Do you also provide contract work per project?+
Is there a minimum or maximum number of offshore agents I can hire through smart offshore solutions?+
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