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Smart Offshore Solutions is here to offer you talented and skilled staff based in the Philippines at the most competitive prices to cater for your offshoring needs. Whether it is a Full/Part Time resource you require, a project based job that entails specific skills for a fixed period of time, a helping hand due to seasonal peaks, an emergency situation or just maternity/paternity leave cover, we are here to offer a custom solution; to cater for your business requirements.

We understand that offshoring is not just a cost cutting exercise; it can provide you with the flexibility of working varied hours, the ability to use a skillset that you currently do not have in your office and the opportunity to focus on the core competencies of your business rather than being ‘drained’ with the everyday admin tasks. We can offer multiple solutions at a high standard equal to your current business standards that will ensure quality and service satisfaction.


Using an offshore team can provide multiple benefits to your organisation and these will become more obvious with time. It will allow you to improve the customer experience, add new communication options, reduce costs, identify areas of improvement for your existing back office team and focus on monitoring your business performance rather than being inundated with the admin burden that comes with every transaction.

These benefits will provide multiple opportunities for your business but will need to be planned and implemented to achieve the desired results. This is where your account manager that is based in Australia will assist you and provide feedback and support to ensure you are managing your team in the Philippines to the best advantage of your business and that you are improving your end to end business workflow and not only a small part of it.

Some of the main advantages and benefits that have been identified and communicated to us by our existing customers over the past years are outlined and further explained below:

Cost Saving

You will find that costs savings will come not only from the reduced salary but also due to not having recruitment costs, HR handling costs, retention or attendance issues or any of the costly tasks that you regularly need to manage your staff in your office in Australia.

Furthermore, you will not have increased space or security costs as your offshore agent will be located in our offices in the Philippines. You will not have extra equipment costs as we will supply your agent with cutting edge equipment that we will ensure is fully maintained and up to date with the latest updates available. Peripheral costs such as utilities, cleaning and all other costs related to employing a new member of staff in your office will not be a burden on you.

Finally, during periods of leave or emergency situations where you need assistance to complete any task, we will be able to supply you with further resources at short notice to ensure your customer satisfaction remains at a high level without you having to employ ‘back up’ staff in your current office to deal with these circumstances.

For more details on pricing please contact us for an obligation free discussion as prices will vary depending on the role, number of agents, working hours and any other special requirements you may have.

Improve employee satisfaction

Your current office staff with their skills and capabilities are currently running your everyday admin tasks. Many of these employees have skills and expertise that they have never had a chance to demonstrate to you due to their involvement with the basic requirements of your business such as answering phone calls, typing up letters, generating invoices or updating your customer database.

By outsourcing these tasks and using an offshore agent your employee can focus on what ‘they are good at’ and are passionate about that will lead to increased job satisfaction. This in turn will also improve your company performance, turnover and employee retention as proven in multiple studies all over the world in a number of different industries.

There is significant statistical correlation between job satisfaction and organisational performance especially when it comes to revenue per employee and organisational financial indicators. Successful companies depend on the high performance of their employees, and companies nowadays have identified this correlation. It has resulted in changes to the way employees are managed and has led to a better work-life balance for the employee and increased organizational performance for the business.

Advanced customer experience

Does your business trade with customers in different time zones? This was a major factor for one of our customers that had to pay their employees overtime rates or employ staff on a second shift to ensure their customers in other states were catered for after normal working hours in their Sydney based office.

We were able to cater for this scenario by providing an agent in the Philippines working flexible hours, at no extra cost to the business and this not only improved the existing customer satisfaction but also allowed the business to grow in other states.

Furthermore, businesses have had the opportunity to setup other communication platforms with their customers such as live online chat, a function that was not easy to implement with local staff due to working hours and limited time availability. This option offered customers another way to communicate with the business, reduced the telephone calls and emails sent to the head office, and improved the customer service experience significantly.

Staying ahead of the ‘game’ with technological advancements that have been offered to businesses using the offshoring options that have been delivered by Smart Offshore Solutions once again improved the ‘bottom line’ of our customers.

Flexibility to grow your business

By reducing the admin tasks in your back office and increasing job satisfaction for your employees you will need to spend less time on the HR requirements of your business. These can become draining when you need to deal with redundancies, restructure, performance reviews, retention, compliance, and payroll queries.

Furthermore, you will not need to spend any time on recruiting as we will do all the work for you. All you need to do is interview the shortlisted candidates to ensure they meet the expectations of the role and match the culture and values of your organization.

By saving all of this time; you will have the opportunity to focus on your business and your core competencies. This will allow you to monitor the performance of your business and make educated decisions that will instigate operational changes that will drive growth and increased profitability.

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How it works

Offshore Agent Setup Process

  • 1Your Requirements?

    We will work with you to establish:

    • Your business operational requirements
    • Required skills and experience (particulars of necessary skills)
    • Detailed job descriptions and KPIs
  • 2Budget

    Together we develop a budget based on your offshore-agent requirements. This cost will include:

    • Our service fee (one-off)
    • All local government costs
    • Staff base salary and entitlements
  • 3Agreement Terms

    We will send you our Service Agreement which clearly defines our terms of service. These can be tailored to meet your needs and will include:

    • Working hours/days
    • Overtime provisions (extra cost)
    • Agreed additional reporting needs
  • 4Complete Your IT Setup

    Our IT Team will work with you to scope your existing IT infrastructure platform. They will assign office space to your agent(s), configure the IT connection and data storage solution for your needs, and set up and test your hardware and software. If you have specific requirements for hardware, data security or the like, our team will work with you to develop a solution and conduct thorough testing if required.

  • 5Recruitment

    Our recruiters will source suitable candidates based on the job description you have provided to us by
    implementing a specific screening process. Once our recruiters have a short list of suitable candidates, we send you the shortlist to review, prior to an interview taking place. Interviews are held online using Skype, Google Hangouts or GoToMeeting and you can also ask the candidate to complete an online assessment.

  • 6Provide Ongoing Support

    Throughout the duration of the contract; your account manager in Australia will assist you on how to effectively work with your offshore agent and provide reports covering matters such as attendance records, provide training and resolve any HR issues that may arise. Furthermore, your account manager will be your go-to person for any new requests, feedback and questions about your offshore agent.

Service Types

  • 1Bookkeeping
  • 2Graphic Design
  • 3Project Management
  • 4Social Media Support
  • 5IT Support (Level 1-3)
  • 6Quality checking and audits
  • 7CRM admin and maintenance
  • 8Online Store Support (Live Chat)
  • 9Report Generation & Data Analysis
  • 10Sales (invoice and receipt processing)
  • 11Data Entry (Database Cleaning & Building)
  • 12Market research (online and phone surveys)
  • 13Customer Support (Phone Answering, Online Support)
  • 14Personal assistants (Diary Management, Email handling, travel bookings)


We will then discuss with you your needs and the skillset of your agent and, based on the information you provide to us, we start the recruitment process.

You will need to sign an agreement with Smart Offshore Solutions that will outline the terms and conditions and the level of support you will require from us.

Smart Offshore Solutions will charge you a one-off setup fee per agent and this will include the costs of evaluating the requirements, recruiting an agent, setting up interviews/online tests, employing the agent on your behalf and managing all the admin requirements, setting up the IT infrastructure and providing basic training to your agent to be able to meet the high professional standards that Smart Offshore Solutions is known for. There is no minimal headcount and you have complete access to your own people.

Thereafter there will be an on-going monthly fee per agent that will cover all other expenses (i.e. wages, allowances, entitlements, local government dues, handling of all HR matters, technical support and reporting back to the customer). The final cost for a business will depend on the level of agent you select, the contract duration and any other special requirements you may have.

Your Australian based Account Manager; will be available throughout the duration of the contract not only to assist with resolving any day to day issues and ensuring that your business goals are met but also to support you so that the value/cost ratio is always in your favour. Contact Smart Offshore Solutions now for an obligation free discussion to review your requirements and setup a pricing structure for your business.