Best apps to manage your staff remotely

Most of us are used to having meetings with colleagues and customers online; using one of the many remote meeting apps that are currently available in the market.  But nowadays many companies are introducing flexible working arrangements; with Origin Energy a recent example, that allowed its 5,800 employees to work from home; with the hope that this will encourage high performance and help the company attract and retain the best talent.  In order for this flexible model to work; companies need the appropriate apps to manage, communicate and collaborate with their staff in real time as if they were located in the same office building.

Lucky for all of us; in today’s high tech environment we live and work in there are several options available to achieve this and we have outlined the top 5 we have found based on the feedback of our customers using these options with their agents in the Philippines are:

Smart Offshore Solutions


This is probably the most popular app and with a home and business version; it allows users to utilize many different options as required.  The app is available on both Android and iOS and depending on your device you can run conference calls with a maximum of 25 participants.  Screen sharing, video and voice calls; instant messaging and the ability to call landlines and mobiles at a low cost and only some of the benefits of Skype.

Google Hangout

The most known search platform on the world wide web has its one app that allows you to make free voice and video calls, send instant messages and host conference calls with a maximum of 25 participants.  The clean and simple interface makes it easy to use and the fact that you can use all the other apps that Google offers (such as Drive, Gmail etc) while you are logged in offers the flexibility you need to collaborate with your colleagues.   The app is once again available on Android; iOS and your laptop/desktop.


This app allows once again for free voice and video calls; instant messaging and group conference calls of a maximum of 12 participants.  It allows the user to share videos, pictures and files whilst on a call and includes sophisticated echo cancellation features that allows for high quality calls with clear audio.  It is available on Microsoft Windows, Windows Phones, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Facebook and allows the users to screen share.

This app does not require you to install any software on your device and requires the participants to click on a link and join a meeting or a conference call where up to 100 attendees can be online at the same time.  Integration with your Outlook or Google calendar is easy and you can record your calls and share your screen during the calls.


This app allows you to make conference calls with a 3DHD audio for clear voice calls and has an interface that is fully customizable.  The app

is available on multiple platforms and once again allows users to share files whilst on a call with a click of a button; whilst you can also integrate with your phone and have a group conference with up to 8 participants.

With a vast number of options available and the experience we have gained working with customers from number of different locations and industries we can advise on the most suitable solution for your business to manage your offshore agent.  Contact us today to discuss your needs and we will provide ongoing support to ensure you are using the best app available to allow you to achieve your business goals.